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Monday, August 5, 2013

Recipe: Cookies N' Cream Muddy Buddies

I remember muddy buddies, or "puppy chow" from my childhood. Not because I ate any, but because I couldn't. I've always been allergic to peanut butter, and back then everyone always made the traditional peanut butter and chocolate muddy buddies. Any adaptations or variations were either non-existent or hidden in the minds of moms.

Thanks to the internet, certain recipes have gone viral. The one recipe I'm thankful for?
Muddy buddies and Oreos? It's a match made in heaven. Sweet, chocolate-y heaven.

I only did the "cream" part of the recipe because I really don't need ten cups of muddy buddies around to snack on constantly.

Here's what you'll need:

How easy is this? Four ingredients. Four!
You can use regular Oreos if you want, but I only ever eat double stuf.
Ghirardelli is probably the best quality stuff you can get in Wal-Mart or Target. If you don't care to go that fancy, vanilla flavored almond bark will suffice, but you'll need to chop or cut it up so you can measure out one cup.

"Cream" Muddy Buddies
5 cups rice Chex cereal
1 cup white chocolate melting wafers
8 Oreos finely crushed
1/2 cup powdered sugar

Place cereal in a medium bowl.
Place Oreos in a large heavy-duty zip-top bag and crush them with a rolling pin. (Alternatively, crush Oreos in a food processor, which was much faster.)
Add sugar to the crushed Oreos and toss.
Melt white chocolate according to the package and pour over cereal. Toss until coated.
Transfer cereal to sugar/Oreo mixture and shake until coated.

Let cool either in the bag or on a cookie sheet.

Feel free to make the other half of the recipe, which is exactly the same as the "cream" part except that the white chocolate is replaced with milk chocolate.

I eat these babies straight out of the bag. They're sooooo good!

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