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Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Cake Memes

More cakes memes!

Now, this first one is quite funny in caker circles, but for the average customer, it might be a bit offensive. (I didn't make this one, by the way.) This cake meme is referring to a specific group of people that cake artists encounter almost everyday: people who simply don't value a cake artist's time, experience, or skills. These types of customers are only looking for a bargain rather than a work of art that also tastes great, and it's more likely that it's just because they don't want to pay for a custom cake instead of not being able to afford a custom cake.
If you made the cake yourself, though, that's a different story. Any cake you make for someone you love will be awesome.

This next meme is based on those requests that kind of make you squint a little. Some people will scour the internet for a cake they have pictured in their mind, but often times they won't find it. Instead they will find a cake that is similar, then when the cake artist they are talking to asks what they want, they are sent a picture of a cake, but the customer will list many things to be changed.
Sometimes a picture is helpful, especially if specific parts of a cake are desired. However, if almost every part of the cake is going to be altered, might as well describe what is wanted, or come up with a drawing. Better still, have the cake artist come up with a drawing because that's (sometimes) part of what they do.
Complex cakes aren't the problem in this meme, by the way. When a person asks for "this exact cake," then changes everything, it makes a person think, So, you don't want this cake in the picture?

I hope you enjoyed these tidbits of cake humor. Sometimes explanations ruin a joke, but I felt it was necessary this time.

Have a great Fourth of July!

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